Need 1gb more ram, have 2gb atm, 512 x2 or 1gb?

Im looking at getting something like this;

I don't know much about computers and memory but have heard that buying 512 x 2 will be a better option? im restricted with cash and it seems to be cheaper to purchase the 1gb memory. I already have 2x1 GB installed as standard so this will make it the 3rd/4th.
# Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit
# Currently Installed Memory: 2GB
# Available Memory Slots: 2
# Total Memory Slots: 4
# CPU Family: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ Model 3, Stepping 3

Also will this even make much of a difference? Playing games like wow or c&c normally run decently but not good enough, especially with c&c where the computer slows down massively in larger fights. If i have forgotten any info you need please tell me :) thanks.
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  1. why not 1x1gB only?
  2. Another 2x512mb will be fine in my opinion as you are on 32bit.
    I might look at a graphics card/CPU upgrade if your games are slow first however.
  3. Its dual channeling ^ 2x512 will destroy the timings.
  4. My graphics card is an ATI Radeon x1300 pro which is quite old but does the job decently enough, maybe i should replace this?. In terms of memory im guessing then getting a 1gbx1 is the best option since i don't need 4gb so 1gbx2 is pointless and it is more expensive for smaller gains in comparison.
  5. budget for gpu?
  6. Around £30 budget for gpu
  7. Motherboard model :/ ?
  8. how do i check that :$ lol
  9. tf?!

    get cpu_z, install it, tell the model.
  10. Its a dell 0UW457 / A03
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