Looking for the fastest ram for gaming for this board

ASUS P7P55 WS SuperComputer with NF200 LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard is the Mobo

First off what do you think of this board for a Intel Core i7-875K 2.93GHz?
Im building it for my girlfriend. She does heavy gaming editing and artwork. The programs put a very huge load on the computer so Im trying to make it extremely powerful. Any suggestions on getting a cheaper mobo that is a good quality board?

If this is fine as a board I am looking for ram to match up with it. Probably 4gb sticks that way I have room to expand to the full 16gb if I need to in the future. It lists it is compatible with DDR3 2133(O.C.)/1600/1333/1066. Which would be the best speed to go for? I will not be overclocking this pc as of now. so is 1600 the fastest I should be going for or should I look into the 2133s anyway. Ive used brands in the past such as G Skill Crucial Kingston OCZ and Patriot. Which model do you experts suggest for me

Thanks a lot in advance!
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  1. i7 875K will most likely require a bios update on most boards.Good choice of cpu though.
    An i7 870 is cheaper but requires more bios tweaking to oc.
    Good quality boards i would consider.
    I think 1600Mhz is fine i really don't have an opinion on 4gb modules since it's relatively new.
    If she is heavy into editing and creation 8gb is the way to go.
    Although anything from G.skills and Mushkin with lower CAS would be my choice.
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