Need help with after market cooler for gfx card

Ok so i got a 8800GT very cheap for $60 and it came with an after market cooler (Zalman fan), and it has the fan control, and you're suppose to connect that to the motherboard.

There're 3 slots on my motherboard to connect the 3-pin connector (from the fan control), they are CPU_Fan, PWR_Fan, Cha_Fan.

The CPU is obvious so that's not the one, besides i already have another zalman fan for the CPU so it's using the slot already.

As for the Cha_Fan and PWR_Fan, i'm not sure. I connected the one for my graphics card to the Cha_Fan and i can adjust the fan speed fine with the fan control, but i'm not sure whether this is the correct setup or not.

Also, i'm using a 400W Acbel PSU, and i'm not sure whether this is the minimum or not to run 8800GT, i did some Google search and some people say 450W is the minimum, whereas some say 400W is.

I know i should get a better PSU but i'm low on budget right now and this isn't my main gaming rig, i just happen to setup all this because i got a good deal on the 8800GT so that's why i'm putting it in my old PCs. And i don't plan to upgrade anything else on the old PC, as long as it can run it fine. I don't plan on overclocking either.

But what's the chance that the PSU might fail and blow up or w/e because it doesn't have the power to support the 8800GT?? I'm just a little worried.
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  1. wow, u got it very cheap... :D
    okay, for the cooler fan, as far as i know, u should connect the 3pin connector to the card itself...
    And if the card have a power connector's cable then u must plug it from 4pin power connector cable on your PSU, if your card doesn't have it then u just plug it to your PCI-E slot... :)
  2. And about your PSU, yes, it recommended to upgrade it too.. :)
    I don't know about Acbel's performance...
  3. umm actually, the zalman fan (on the card) has a 3 pin cable that connectors to the fan control. The fan control however, also has a 3-pin connector and on the manual it says to connect to the motherboard.

    Basically, the fan control has a female 3 pin connector, where you plug the fan's connect to it (the fan on the graphics card). And the fan control has a male 3 pin connector, where u connect to the motherboard.
  4. Oh, i get it now...
    okay, it doesn't matter where u plug, it for the fan control power itself... :)
  5. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    It's working, so don't worry.
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