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Hello, what would make my compaq presario m2000 not recognize its onboard harddrive?
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  1. Was it recently working and is now giving an error, or did you change anything hardware wise?
  2. not sure because a friend gave it to me in this condition......there was no harddrive in it when he got it so i know the harddrive is not original equipment..
  3. So, in the BIOS it cannot see the drive? Can it see the CD/DVD drive?
  4. yes.....bios sees cd/dvd does not see harddrive
  5. EXT64 said:
    So, in the BIOS it cannot see the drive? Can it see the CD/DVD drive?

    that's right.....sees cd/dvd but doesn't see harddrive
  6. What type of HDD, IDE?

    Can you try it in any other ports, or better yet, do you have any extra HDDs you could try?
  7. not sure what other ports i could try but i have tried several different harddrives and they all appear to be getting power but not seen....any suggestions??ANYONE??
  8. try to connect it using another sata cable, once my motherboard wasn't seeing my CD/DVD drive, so I decided to just try it on a different port with a different sata cable, and it worked, and then I went back to the port that I was using before and it also worked, so the conclusion is the sata cable I was using was DOA, because I tried another one but the same model and it worked....try doing this, hope it fixes it...
  9. you do realize this is a laptop right? not sure about sata being on this..
  10. sorry didn't know about it...
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