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Hey guys, so I just finished building a new comp and I'm trying to do my first OC. I've boosted my intel-i5 3570k to 4.4ghz, and I'm curious about two things. First, do you guys think 4.4ghz is a good OC for this CPU, and if it is, are my temps of about 60-70 degrees at full load and 1.13volts normal/safe?
Second, I'm curious about OCing other parts of the comp, so I'd like to know, what parts do you guys think are worth overclockig?
thanks for any responses!
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  1. yes 60-70C is safe. 4.4Ghz is fine. You need to have good cooling if you want to push that further. I OCed my i5-2500k to 4.8Ghz, some can reach 5.0Ghz... depends on cooling and ram. You should run Prime95 and check for errors.
  2. yup, i ran prime95 to get the max load temps and voltage. my cooler is a CM 212 evo and i have 16gb of corsair RAM, you think thatll run 4.4Ghz safely for a few years?
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