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I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive way to transmit audio and video from my computer to my tv while maintaining a quality image. HDMI seems to be the best interface for this? I was looking at the MSI 4670.

This card will meet my needs but it may be a bit overkill for the system which is a Dell Dimension E510. The dimension has been upgraded to 3GB of RAM and 2 hard drives but I do not plan on upgrading the 305W power supply. Therefore the card must not consume a lot of power.

If any one has any other suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. that's a good choice, i would say u are good with that card, i know the minimum requirement is 400W, but i think it's enough on 305W...
    But if u have money later, u better upgrade the PSU... :)
  2. The HD4670(and better cards) will run fine on that PSU.
  3. Dell usually packs an alright PSU into their systems, it probably would hold. Though we at Tom's don't pack out guaranties.
  4. I will go out on a limb and guarantee it! :p
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I'm gonna go ahead and order it.
  6. I'm using a Nvidia 9500gt in my Dell E520. I only use it for watching movies and it works fine even though I too have a 305w psu and the Nvidia 9500gt says I need a 350w.
  7. One thing to remember is how much noise the PC is going to make. The last thing I'd want is to hear the whir of fans from the PC power supplies and video cards during those quiet scenes. I think the HDMI cable limit spec is like 1 meter so it's not like you can put the PC in the other room. That's why they make Home Theatre Computers that concentrate on the noise with passive cooling.
  8. That's a good point siliconvalley. Since this is a low budget machine anyway, I may not upgrade the video card as planned. The Dimension already has an old Radeon X300 which uses passive cooling. The card has DVI, VGA, and S-video ports so I may just buy a DVI to HDMI adapter and call it good. It won't be used for much gaming and the system seems to play videos just fine.

    Does anyone know if the Radeon X300 will transmit sound or will I have to use another connection?
  9. There are passively cooled HD4650/70s but yeah, don't upgrade if your current setup is doing the job well. I think you will have to use another connection for the sound.
  10. Another concern was just brought to my attention. The Radeon X300 came out before HDMI had been invented so it may not even support video through a DVI to HDMI cable. Has anyone had any experience with this?
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