My windows xp laptop screen flashes random colors

Hello, my Toshiba tecra s1 running on xp keeps flashing randoms colors. it all started when i was play total overdose which i had bought just that day. at first i thought it was a virus but after i scanned it with my avast anti virus it came up with nothing. so question is what is wrong please if anyone has had this problem please help
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  1. What colors is it flashing? Red, yellow, blue, green, etc?

    Are they becoming overtones over the normal picture or solid color?

    I highly doubt it would be malware, and your scan confirmed my suspicion.

    It is very possible that a cable came loose (connecting the LCD to the GPU).
  2. The video controller might be defective. Does it do it as soon as you boot? Does it do it if you boot from a CD? Replacing the motherboard might be more expensive than the laptop is worth.
  3. it flashes green and is and overtone of the picture
  4. Zinosys might be correct. Check the connectors to make sure they're fully inserted. It could also be a broken cable.
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