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Registering an application asks for my computer's thumbprint. The computer is an HP Pavilion, running XP. How do I find this thumbprint?
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  1. What software are you registering?
  2. Nuance PDF Professional 6
  3. OK, that software uses a "thumbprint" of your computer to detect if you are trying to install it on a different computer than the one you already registered. It is form of copy protection to prevent theft of their software. The thumbprint is not something you can copy from one computer to another, it is a summary of many things about your computer so that you cannot easily bypass it.
  4. Yes, I realize that. The problem is that the software appears somehow to have become "unregistered," so that now it is asking me to manually enter the computer's "thumbprint" so that the software can "re-register" itself. I do not know how/where to discover my computer's "thumbprint" so that I can manually enter it! Can anyone help me with this?
  5. You should contact the manufacturer of the software. . .
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