No more than 3GB on XP?

Hi everyone, ok so i was talking to my friend and i told him that i was pissed off at windows 7 cause it didnt let me play any old games cause of compatibility issues. The point is when i told him i was going to switch to windows XP he told me that XP couldn't handle more than 3 GB of RAM, actually he said that if i use 6GB (thats what i intend to install) the PC will only recognize 3GB and not the 6GB. Im not sure about this so if someone could help me out. Thanks.
PS: specs are aus p5sd2-vm, 2GB RAM, Intel core 2 duo E7300, sapphire 5870 Toxic 2gb
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  1. Your friend is right any 32-bit Windows system will only see 3GB memory max
  2. I just dont get it why doesnt XP recognize more than 3GB, will the 64 bit version be any different?
  3. 64-bit versions will recognize more then 3GB
  4. What old games do you want to play? 64bit XP will work with more than 3 gigs... but:

    So far I have had no compatibility issues with win7. I'd suggest moving on from XP. DirectX 10 was a few years ago and that won't work on XP either. You'll be stuck on old software with new hardware. Why even have 6 gigs of RAM if you're using an OS that was designed when 512MB was considered to be a lot?
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