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My problem is I've implanted my laptop hard drive into my desk top and now I have a TON of driver conflicts. the main one causing my new LAN drivers to not run so I cannot get online (posting this from work). does anyone have any suggestions besides install linux haha!
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  1. this is an eassy one (im guessing you dont want to reinstall windows, cause then you would have zero problems) so all you need to do it go to your motherboard vendors website, download all the drivers you want/need from there, transfer them to a usb/cd and put them on your pc. now, getting to this site might be the tricky part right? does your work place allow you to download to your station? if so, then fixed, if not, find a freind with a working pc.
  2. well the problem is that I actually have the drivers, I even INSTALLED them on the computer! but they just won't load or be read/used by the computer. I installed them with the software that was sent with the hardware (motherboard and WLAN card). and I wouldn't even mind reinstalling windows but the version I have is OEM and I don't want to sell out the cash for a new copy just yet. couple months I'm going Win7 Pro for a raid 0 set up. I just need something to skirt me along for now while I tinker with my new toy!
  3. All the old drivers are in your registry so a repair install of Windows would fix the problem but probably would require re activation.
  4. Can I reactive using my auth. code on the bottom of my laptop or is that only going to work with my laptop? (clearly system REPAIR isn't my strong point hehe).
  5. You will get notified to re activate because of hardware change and you would probably have to call them, depending who you get might be no problem.
  6. sounds like the best solution to me, if they verify I'm made in the sand with a drink in my hand! if they don't I'll run linux until I can shell out for Win7 Prof. I do love this forum! thanks everyone!
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