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Good Morning, My pc over the last couple of days has started to freeze? I've ran numerous virus & anti malware scans & there doesn't seem to be any virus? My PC temperature is ok & i have checked all connections that seem to be in place. It started to freeze between 10-15 minutes, now its freezing after about 30 mins or a little less. I have uninstalled my graphics card & installed it again, also ran in safe mode with virus scans still nothing.
Details of my system are below.

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X 2 Dual core Processor 5000+ 2.61 Ghz, 2.00 GB Of Ram. Disk Drive is a Maxtor 6Y120L0. Graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO.

Any suggestions to why this might be happening?

Many thanks
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  1. Try running memtest86 to checkout the RAM.
  2. Yes i have done this memory seems to be fine
  3. Pull up Task Manager and the Processes tab and check for anything with an abnormally high CPU utilization.
  4. I have checked this, nothing abnormal running, i have 2gb of ram, I've tried everything i know, still no further forward. Do you think i should re-format my PC?
  5. Are you using 2 sticks of RAM? Then try just one of them. Or just one stick? Try a different one. Run Ram at a slower speed.

    Freezing is often a symptom of memory.
  6. Yes using 2 sticks of ram at 1gb each. Will give this a try & see what happens. Thank you all for your advice
  7. Double-check that everything is seated properly - your RAM, any cards etc. Its often a good idea to remove them and re-insert them to be sure. You said your temps are fine but are you monitoring them for the duration of your usage or just when you boot? It could be that your temps are rising after you have been using your system for a while.

    HWMonitor is a good tool for keeping an eye on your temps:


    As suggested I would also try removing one stick of RAM if you have two and swapping. This will tell you if one of your RAM sticks are faulty. How long did you run MemTest for?
  8. Ok running hwmonitor, most temps seem to be 33oc-45oc, would you say that this seems normal?
  9. Yeah that seems normal so far. Just keep an eye on it as you use your computer, particularly around the time it tends to freeze.

    I would definitely try removing a RAM stick too. MemTest is a very good tool but it varies in time it takes to detect an error. I've had systems where its been run for 5 mins and picks up errors, others its been going for hours before it picks up anything.
  10. ok ran memtest on both ram stick, has picked up nothing thus far!! Unfortunately before it completed the search my PC crashed & has done on both individual ram sticks!! My temps don't seem to be going any higher than 45oc! This is getting so frustrating, i don't know what else to try?
  11. Your system crashed while running MemTest? Are you running it of a bootable CD?
  12. Yes running it off bootable cd. Seems to get to 18-20 mins then it crashes each time! Everything is seated properly also.
  13. And your testing your sticks one at a time? It does sound like a RAM issue but also can't rule out the possibility of a bad motherboard at this point either. If you have spare RAM slots on your board try using one stick in each different slots - so try one stick in each slot on your board and test and if you still don't have any luck try the other stick in each slot. I know its a PITA and time consuming but just trying to eliminate a few possibilities. Failing that, can you try your RAM in another system or try different RAM in your system?
  14. Yes testing sticks 1 at a time, and have tried in all 4 different slots memtest found no errors? I don't have an option to try ram in any other PC im afraid, nor do i have any other ram to try, thanks for your help, i really appreciate it!
  15. How long are you running MemTest and which test does it get to when it crashes? One more thing you could try is lowering the speed of your RAM. See if you get better stability running Windows this way. I'm not sure exactly how to do this for your motherboard but you should find the option in there somewhere :)
  16. OK guys, i handed my PC in for repair, i was told that it was my graphics card freezing my PC, as when they ran my PC with no card in it ran fine. So i purchased new graphics card installed fine but its still freezing between 10-18 mins. I've taken graphics card out again & ran my PC all seems to be fine! So why is my PC freezing with my graphics card in? It is the correct card for my system as i got the store to install it. Any ideas?
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