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Guys I'd like some help. I've been doing some research, but really need input for putting together a system. I have a set budget of $1800. System I would like to build will be for some gaming. I'm avid Wow player as well as semi mainstream games. Although not to much super high end stuff. I'm playing dragon age currently.

Timeline NOW!! Looking to build system in next 2-3 weeks

System will be used for business purposes as well, as i'm starting a home based business. Nothing super demanding but I'll be using Dreamweaver and couple other Adobe products.

As a last want! I'm staying in a small apt so if I can have it function as Mini home theater it would be nice plus. I realize 1800 isn't much. But it's the best I can do

I used to build systems on regular basis, but it's been 6+ years so I'm just not up on current trends as much as I should. Thus the reason i'm asking for your guys help.


i7 920 processor w/ decent quality MB. I used to be an Asus fan, but i'm not sure if thats best way to go nowadays.
4-6gigs of Ram more then 6gigs is kind of overkill right?
2 sets of HD's one smaller one but fastest I can get for running OS and programs. 2nd Larger one for media storage etc.
Full sized Case with good airflow. I want a stable cool system. But I don't need all the bells and whistles of lights or water cooling (I don't think) I would like to OC the processor some but not hardcore.
Video card not sure whether to go with 1 higher quality card or 2 mid range cards. IE: 1 5850-70 if I can swing it. Or maybe 2 x GTS 250's? again I know I have budget.

Monitor I was considering the Samsung T240HD since it could function as HDTV as well. But if there is better solution let me know. Maybe Cheaper TV tuner card and HQ 22" monitor? I'd be willing to accept a really nice 19" widescreen But I'd prefer a 22 or 24"

I realize my wishlist is quite extensive considering my budget. But thats reason I'm asking for advice. I'm willing to use multiple sources for obtaining items. But I like Newegg. They've always taken care of me in the past.

Thanks for advice
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