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Hi I just got the MSI 660 ti power edition graphics card. I have it currently at +160 core clock and +500 memory clock. My question is that whenever I run furmark my core clock goes to ~1040 if i have any memory clock overclock. It should be up around 1200. In Skyrim it goes all the way up to 1350. Can anyone help me with why it downclocks so much in furmark.
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  1. furmark creates too much heat on the card and is sort of bad for it, you really dont need to overclock the 660ti its powerful enough, just do a 15-20% overclock on it, try not to mess with the voltage either. it probably down clocks so much in furmark because the card is resetting its overclock because it cant handle that much of an oc. the difference is give or take 5 fps and my gtx 580 runs skyrim on max settings with 2k textures in the 50-60 fps range 24/7. just leave the card alone with a small overclock you're only gonna get 1-3 more fps by pushing for that highest overclock which is unecessary
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