What should be the normal temperature of motherboad,cpu and gpu?

what should be the normal temperature of motherboad,cpu and gpu while playing games at mid setting?i know im posting it at overclocking category coz nobody knows about pc temperature than overclockers do.
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  1. What are your parts and how's your ambient temperature?
  2. i ve an intel core2 duo e4500@2.2 ghz which gets 38-40degrees at idle and 45-58 while playing games,my motherbrd is msi g41-mp28 and its idle temp is 35 and max 55 while gaming,nvidia 8400gs gpu gets 72-73 while gaming so cant figure out whether my pc temp is good or worst...i use air cooling
  3. I have an AMD Phenom II X4 965 at 4ghz and it gets to about 55C while playing Skyrim, and 59C while playing GTA IV. My GPU is a really high overclocked GTX 260 running at 720mhz core clock and 1260mhz on the memory, runs at 75C on Skyrim and about 84C on GTA IV.
  4. How about that ambient temperature?
    Your temperatures are all perfectly safe. That GPU is fairly hot, but not unexpectedly so. It just doesn't have a good heatsink.
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