SLI Hack - ASROCK M3A785GXH/128m

I am thinking of getting a couple of GTX 460s, but I had to reconsider due to the fact I thought I would have to buy a new mobo. Then I heard about the "SLI Hack". I was unable to find out much about it, and wondered if it would be possible to do on my mobo. System Specs at the bottom of this post. If I can do it, is it worth it (ie, should I just buy a SLI mobo instead?)

Phenom II x4
4gb DRR3 1066 RAM
Radeon HD 5770 (Hopefully 1-2 GTX 460s soon!)
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  1. Buy a SLI motherboard instead, because hacking the motherboard in order to get SLI support, is risky and may not work very well.
  2. Can you suggest a good SLI motherboard? As cheap as possible please.
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  5. Thank you so much, I'll strongly consider that motherboard.
  6. No prob,hope you enjoy it
  7. Old post and all but i couldnt find anything pertaining to this mobo and the SLI hack as well. i was in the exact situation you were in and bought the 460 anyways to try it. after i was able to get an SLI bridge(required for 2xx series nvidia drivers) the hack worked. so just in case anyone is searching for this and finds this post then there you have it
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