do i NEED crossfire bridge??

I just talked with asus the manufacturer of my motherboard and tech support told me i did not need one to enable crossfire... i am having a hard time believing seeing as my system sees both card but will not allow me to activate in CCC. kinda frustrated as this was my first computer build. pls help
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    only the peach colored ones do not need the bridge. dont know what that asus guy was smoken.
  2. Given that we don't know what cards he has, it's possible he has one of combonations notated in tan.
  3. my video cards are hd 4890's and are not represented on the list here... i am assuming that they need a bridge seeing that all the 4800 series cards require them.. what a tool that tech guy was :o
  4. The only tan ones I saw were:
  5. yes, 4890s need the bridge, its mostly older lower bandwith cards that dont need it.
  6. since it does not work ,you must try hte cf bridge..
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