Ati 5870

Does this card display only one screen over 3 monitors or will it display 3 different screens on each monitor? I want to set up a Digital Audio Workstation that will display 3 different programs at a time will this Card do this?
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  1. You can use it either way. If you don't plan on gaming, just audio work you should get an HD5750 instead.
  2. Step1.First of all you have to set up all three monitors using ati eyefinite... three of your monitor will display only one screen.... step2.then you need to split those three monitors as three screen(such that each will display three different programs)using hydra vision...

    if you like to use your three monitors as three screen displaying same thing on three of them then you simply need to plug three monitors to your card(no eyefinte and hydra needed)
  3. one thing more that every 5xxx series card support three monitors and digital audio,so you can also go for a cheaper one like 5770
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