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my computer is not completely starting up properly. it detects the motherboard and then freezes up. it doesn't detect the keyboard either and everything is plugged in properly.
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  1. Have you plugged in the 4 or 8 pin connector from your power supply into the motherboard socket (4 or 8 pin depending on motherboard) located near the processor? Once you make this connection, your computer should start.

    If this doesn't work, then you need to give us more information about your system components and symptoms.
  2. Like dpaul said. That second motherboard power connector causes many problems either by missing it or not getting it snug.

    There is a boot problems sticky you should go through the steps on, it catches most problems.
  3. And read that boot problems checklist.
  4. it starts but nothing happens it reads the motherboard and then it hangs. it starts but not completely nothing else is detected and everything in the motherboard is plugged in properly
  5. Here's the sticky mentioned a couple times above.

    Check back with us after you've performed EVERY step in the checklist.
  6. ok everything is plugged in i followed all those steps and now it just turns on and nothing happens, nothing at all is shown on the screen, nothing gets detected. there is also a burning smell coming from the computer. so i think theres something wrong with the power supply and/or the motherboard

    anybody have an answer to this problem?
  7. Get a new and/or better one. Of whatever is now a smoke machine.
  8. lol ok thats not helping. i know its fixable cause it still starts up.
  9. burning smell is never a good sign. Physically check your motherboard for any burnt components first before you try further. Otherwise, you may risk damaging more parts of the computer....
  10. there is no burnt marks on any internal parts, but i changed the power supply. i think it has something to do with the motherboard, cpu or ram. it has two ram sticks in there and i took one out and put it back in, maybe its has something to do with when i put it back in
  11. i changed the motherboard but now when i start the computer it stuck on "checking for nvram" i know the new motherboard works cause when i first plugged it in it worked fine but then when i started it up again it got stuck on that checking for nvram. i replaced the motherboard with another msi motherboard which is the same one as the one that was in there already
  12. Do you mean you replace the motherboard with the same brand & model?

    And when you said the new motherboard worked the first time, do you mean that you are able to boot into windows or at least get into the BIOS?
  13. yes i replaced it with the exact same one, and yes when i first started it up i was able to boot into my harddrive and the bios
  14. Then it seems like it get busted again... sorry about that. I would suspect its the PSU. Have you tried another one?
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