120gb ssd

would this be enough storage for os and one mmo ...stwor not planning on running any other games or really doing much else with the system ?
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  1. Yes. easily. 120gb would be overkill if that is really all you are using it for.

    Windows 7 only needs around 10Gb if I am not mistaken. And an MMO in no way could fill 100Gb.

    Honestly I think 60Gb SSD would be more than enough.
  2. I would go for the 120 just to be safe... SP2 updates, and addons/patches to the game would increase it, plus it's always good to leave yourself some room.
  3. In have builds coming back once a week w/ owners asking to "help get rid of the clutter" on the 60/64 GB SSD's.....that's fine for astute windows users but if anyone using e-mail, saves their e-mails and doesn't know how to move them is in trouble. Same w/ user files WU uninstall files and a host f other items.,
  4. Before you decide I strongly recommend checking this video out:

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