Second monitor doesn't switch on!

I have a Mobo P7P55D-E and a video card ATI HIS Radeon HD5770 PCI-e which has 3 ports (DV-I, HDMI, Diplayport). I have connected one VGA monitor with an adaptor to the DV-I port and I was told the only way to use another VGA monitor was to buy a second graphic card. So I bought a Galaxy GeForce 8400 GS that I connected to the second PCI-e slot.
Windows XP recognized the card and I have installed the drivers, but the monitor doesn't switch on. If I disconnect the main card (ATI) the second monitor switches on.
Any suggestions? I would like to use the two monitors in extended mode.
Finally do you know if I am slowing down the ATI card ?
Can I use a diplayport to VGA adaptor to connect the second monitor to the ATI?
Thank you in advance

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  1. Go to the display settings in windows and click on detect. On win 7 this is how it's down. It might be slightly different, but basically, go to your windows display panel and detect another monitor.
  2. I changed some settings on the Catalyst Control Center of the ATI video card. I also detected another monitor but I had to re-boot to work! Anyway it's working now :-)
    The Catalyst Control Center lists also the feautures of the GeoForce but in the memory size is says 1024 instead of 512MB.It says also that the maximum bus settings for the geoforce is PCI Express 2.0 x16 but the mb manual says that in dual mode the second slot should work at x4. Anyone knows why?
    does anyone have a diplayport to VGA adaptor connected to a VGA monitor? does it work fine?
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