Help!! stock intel i7 HIGH TEMP

I just build my first desktop yesterday, and when I used winrar to extract some files earlier the core temperatures peaked to 100 'C. It idles around 65ish 'C, and its lows are around 57 'C. The temperature reading came from the program "core temp". I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I did something wrong or if it is normal to peak with a stock intel i7 930.

Any help or advice would be nice.

My build is:
-Haf 922 with
3 x 200mm fan front,top,side pannel
2 x 120mm fan back and bottom
-intel i7 930 with stock cpu cooler
-motherboard: asus p6t se
-6gb ocz platinum 1333MHz
-ati radeon hd 5870
-Power Supply: Mach 1 Kingswin 1220w

Thank you in advance
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  1. Are you using the stock heatsink? Did you install before or after you out the motherboard in the case?

    Sounds like the heatsink is incorrectly installed.
  2. Ya i'm using the stock heatsink. I installed it before the motherboard was in the case.
    So should I take it out and reinstall it?

    thanks for help and quick reply
  3. if temps genuinely hit 100c then shouldn't the processor shut off automatically?
  4. i believe 102c is the shutoff point, so he may have just missed it.

    you did apply TIM right?

    if you did, i imagine you didn't do a very good job on installing the heatsink itself.
    as JSC said, re-seat the HS and that should bring temps down.
  5. What is TIM? sorry i'm kinda new with all these computer terms lol

    If its thermal paste, I didn't apply any since i thought the stock fan had some applied already?

    Thanks for reply
  6. One corner retainer may not be seated on your Intel heatsink. You can simply reapply the heatsink. I wouldn't start attempting to clean the cpu before reinstalling since you're inexperienced. The thermal pad material will work even with a reinstall, as long as the heatsink is seated on all four corners.
  7. Stock heatsink does have TIM applied on it.

    You need to be certain that the four locking pins are completely locked in place. The easiest way to check is with the motherboard out of the case. Check the pin holes on the back of the motherboard.
  8. Thank you guys for the help. I think its fixed since when i turned it on it idled around 48ish 'C. However, when i use the software "prime 95" the temperature idles around 80'C under 100% load, and highs are 87'C. Is that normal?
  9. disruptor86 said:
    Thank you guys for the help. I think its fixed since when i turned it on it idled around 48ish 'C. However, when i use the software "prime 95" the temperature idles around 80'C under 100% load, and highs are 87'C. Is that normal?

    Did you double-check your heatsink was seated correctly as suggested? Ensure all 4 pins are locked in place. It's best to work in opposites - start in one corner then do the opposite corner and so on as opposed to going around each in turn. Stock heatsinks usually have TIM (thermal paste - google it for more info) applied to the base of the heatsink so you shouldn't have to worry about that.

    Your temps are a lot better now by the seems of it, still a bit higher than I would like to see though considering you're not overclocking. Although this could be down to the stock heatsink - I'm not sure how good the stock Intel ones are.

    What case are you using and do you have good airflow throughout your case? The general idea is to have your intake fans at the bottom front of the case that suck cool air into the case. Then as the air heats it rises. You should have exhaust fans at the rear or top of your case to expel this warm air. Most fans will have an arrow indicating the direction of airflow, but if not from my experience, the side where you can see the cable in its channeling is the exhaust side. So if you wanted the fan in exhaust mode you would have this cable side facing outside your case and vice versa for an intake fan.

    This guide is a pretty good explanation of the basics of good case airflow and is definitely worth a read when you have 5 mins:

    Good luck!
  10. ya i double check the heatsink and it sits properly. I'm pretty sure my case has good air flow since its coolermaster haf922 and haf stands for high air flow? lol I have five fans installed and made sure the arrows corresponded with the flow i wanted. The intake fans are 200mm in front and 200mm on side panel and 120mm on bottom. The exhaust is 200mm top and 120mm back. However I installed customized air filters to top,side and bottom of the case that i saw at some forum. maybe those are making the temp a lil higher? I guess i have to wait till next week when my Prolimatech Megashadow Deluxe CPU Cooler comes in lol
    thanks for the help
  11. You should have more than adequate cooling with that case ;) And with an aftermarket cooler you should see those temps drop even further. Good luck and happy computing!
  12. i hope so since i'm going to try to OC it to 4.0ghz when my heatsink gets here lol
    thanks again :)
  13. I'd recommend getting the CoolerMaster Hyper 212Plus fan/hs. U can get another fan and install it on the other side of the heatsink and make it a double fan/hs. Keeps my Core i7 860 @ 2.94GHz CPU temp at a low 28 degrees C on idle and a max temp of 37-38 degrees C whilst running Left4Dead2 (through Steam client) + Winamp (playing a 320kbps @ 48KHz 2hr dj mix set) + Firefox (with 3 tabs open) + utorrent (downloading 2 movies) + MSN in the background, to test it further i kept my PC on for 2 days straight with all temps on the low, my only hot one was my 8800GTS @ 58 degrees C.

    However the BIG help was the thermal paste as well. Using Artic Silver 5 thermal paste. My advice on an AMAZING budget cooler, GET this fan + this recommended thermal paste. Wont cost u anything more than $35 for both items.
  14. Thanks for the recommendation, but i already have 2 120mm coolermaster blue led ready for my heatsink to do push and pull set up lol. I was going to get Arctic Silver 5 but can't decided if i should get the ceramique or the regular. Any advice?
  15. I dont know if i have the ceramic or the normal one, just get the regular one. it's better than the coolemaster thermal paste at least thats what everyone's raving about.
  16. I just built my i7930 p6x58d mobo and did some stress testing of my own. My cpu idles at 24-27'c. The peak under prime95 blend test was 68'c. We have similar cooling. I am using the stock heatsink as well. Have you checked your fan speeds? maybe they aren't high enough. The stock heatsink should be fine. probably not to oc to 4.0ghz tho.
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