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My friend made a home made slide show of his grandmother who died, and he gave me the DVD with the slide show and 15 more discs to make copies. Whats the best way to go about making copies from the original dvd he gave me?
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  1. I really just need some help, I don't understand do I need to rip it to a avi (is that even the best choice) and then change it to dvd to make copies? Or should I just ask him to email me the original file to make copies?
  2. Your program should give an option to create an exact copy of his disk.
  3. the one I'm using Free DVD ripper doesn't, its either video CD, Super video CD, AVI, or mpeg 4
  4. You do not need a ripping software all you need is a burning software like

    Make an iso of the dvd with imgburn,then burn your 15 copies from that iso!

    No ripping needed for this method.
  6. and those will play on a dvd player?
  7. Imgburn will make the iso which is image copy of your disc!

    Then you burn that image with imgburn and it will be a copy of the original dvd!

    Best free burning tool on the planet.

    If the original plays fine the copies created with imgburn should play fine also.
  8. If it's a homemade DVD, it's not going to have copy protection. Just make a disk copy using Roxio or Nero.
  9. Imburn is free and better than nero and roxio.
  10. I have the iso of the dvd, but my query is, will a .iso play on a dvd player?
  11. Now open imgburn and click write image file to disc to burn the iso image to the dvd.
  12. what nero addon do I use Max?
  13. Delengowski said:
    I have the iso of the dvd, but my query is, will a .iso play on a dvd player?

    If you have the ISO, just use the windows iso burning tool and burn a DVD. The tool will extract the ISO and make a playable disc, as long as the ISO contains a standard video DVD image.
  14. So it will thank yoU!
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