Configuring WinXP with a 8.4 GB limit

Greetings Tom's,

Ok, I know it's been a while, but in the continuing saga of bringing back a Gateway Solo 9100 back to life, I scrapped plans to put Win98, XP, and Linux on there (I had it then something went really weird and I had to wipe the drive).

Anywho, I have XP on there now, but here's the problem. It's a 160 GB HDD, but this Gateway has the old 8.4 GB limit. Now everything's updated (BIOS, processor, etc.), but in order to optimize XP, obviously I want everything to go onto the extended partition (like Windows Updates, programs, drivers, etc).

I don't know too much about drive overlay software or if it's applicable in this case, but I did try to make another installation of XP (i.e. a dual-install of XP so that I wouldn't have to use the C partition), but it does not boot into it.

I was starting to just update the C: part, but I wanted to reach out to the community first to configure this system properly before I run out of room and get all ticked off. :fou:

I don't have anything of value on the drive - the only thing I have on there is an antivirus and I was starting to do some Windows Updates, so if I need to wipe the drive, that's ok.

I appreciate all of your help.

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  1. Just to update, basically XP has to take on the C partition, and create an extended partition with an 8.4 GB limit. Now, you can always install programs on the extended partition, but you just have to be careful that the C: partition doesn't become too full.

    VV5 out.
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