First WC System

Hey all,

This is my first system, and after some browsing of many guides on OCAU and here, I've picked out these parts to purchase. Any advice/recommendations otherwise?

XSPC Rasa RX240
PrimoChill PrimoFlex Pro LRT Tubing Clear 3/8ID 5/8OD
Bitspower G1/4 Matte Black 3/8 Compression Fitting CC3
Bitspower G1/4 Matte Black Dual Rotary 45 Degree 3/8 Fitting

Using distilled water as liquid, with PrimoChill Liquid Utopia Clear Additive, and of course some dye bombs :D

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  1. I'm assuming thats the RX240 kit as you don't mention a pump or res?
    all good but I'd lose the additives, plain distilled ans either a killcoil or a few drops of PT nuke will see you right, check the W/c sticky for more on dyes etc :)
  2. Yeah sorry it was the kit which includes the res/pump, rad, and block. Are the PrimoChill Antimicrobial Tube Coils suitable?

  3. I couldn't find the grading on it anywhere but as long as its 99.999% pure silver you'll be fine, I've heard of folks dropping a silver ring in the res so anything thats designed as a W/c coil should be of high enough purity, so I'd say yes, that will be fine
  4. A couple bits of advice

    Don't get Primochill tubing, it's been known to start leaching plasticizer and become cloudy, take a look through the thread below to read what people have said

    Don't grab the additive mix and dye bombs either. If you want to go for a color, either go for colored tubing or use distilled water and mayhems for dye. The mayhems already has anti microbial and anti corrosion, doesn't (from what I've read) gunk up your system, and has kickass colors to boot.

    If you go with mayhems, try to get Clearflex 60 tubing, the reps at mayhems say it's worked best for them.

    Also what are you cooling? Just CPU? I'm wondering because depending you may need more radiator space to dissipate your heat load
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