$1500 Aesthetic Red/Black build

what are your thoughts about this red/black build

red and black good cosmetic build

500gb f3 added
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    I really like the fact that you have chosen great performing components, and stuck to an interesting color scheme. I think its great!

    That Lian Li Armoursuit case with the red interior is amazing.

    You might consider adding some internal LED lighting to showcase the interior when the computer is running.

    Please post some pictures when you get it all put together.
  2. do u think i should keep the ssd or stick with an f3 or wd black
  3. When I read your first post, I assumed you were going to get both the SSD and Samsung F3 HDD because the SSD is only 40 GB. I assumed you were going to use the SSD for your boot drive and the HDD for all of your other files.

    However, if you want to save the cost of the SSD and just use the HDD that is fine. The SSD really only helps to cut down on boot times, so if this is not important to you, then drop it. The Samsung F3 is extremely fast for a HDD, and is an excellent choice.

    Good luck with your build.
  4. yea im keeping both going with this case though as i have no preference on aluminum or steel azza solano red

    here is my final finally finished im actually satisfied build

  5. Considering the price difference between the Lian Li ($250) and Azzo ($130), I can see why you are now going with Azzo. I too would have a hard time justifying spending over $150 on a case.

    Best regards.
  6. yea ill take some pics when its all said and done
  7. Red and Black are the colors for the UGA Bulldogs. As a Georgia Tech Alumnus, I can pretty well assure you that it will be very difficult to make those colors look good, even if the build itself runs as fast as a bulldog that just stuck its nose into a yellow jacket nest.
  8. i will not even begin to mention of which team i am fan of, due to all the controversy surrounding a team that i like. but needless to say their colors are red and black. but not why i chose those colors
  9. Heh, sorry I couldn't resist a little Friday afternoon levity.
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