Problem with color changes

Hello, I have a problem.
It's not super noticable unless you're looking for it, but it's there.

When there is a transition in some colors, for instance the starting blueish screen for windows 7, when you are starting up the computer. On the left side, it goes from light blue to darker blue, and the transition between these colors are not smooth, you can see the edges, like theres 10 different colors before it gets to the right one.

It is a bit hard to explain, I will try do better if this wasn't clear enough, it also happens in games, most noticable in the sky.

I'm not sure it's a video card issue but I have run driver sweeper and a clean install of the latest drivers and nothing changed.

I have a gtx 295 if it matters.

This is a print screen of the problem.
I made a marking around the part I mean.
The game is fullscreen, the other image is my other screen.

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  1. umm.. i can't see what are u talking about... :(
    the image is not clear...
    how about the temp of your card? Is it hot?
    have u connect the power connector from PSU?
  2. You can't? Hmm not even if you zoom in alittle? It is pretty clear for me on both my monitors. So maybe I have some issues with colors?

    The card is running 78 degrees right now with a movie and a game running, so not too hot.
    And the card is connected properly as far as I know, I haven't checked tho. Since I haven't been noticing any performance problems or any other problems for that matter with graphics, I haven't considered it much.
  3. wait... 78 degrees is considerably HOT...
    I know your card can stand at 100'C, but 78'C with movie?
    It happen when u play movies or when gaming?
  4. That was while gaming AND a movie running.
  5. wow.. can u playing games when watching the movie?
    check again the cables that connected to the monitors...
    What happen when u just only using 1 monitor? Is the problem still exist?
  6. Some games I guess aren't stimulating enough by themselves :p

    Anyway, I tried disabling the other screen, no difference.
    The cables have been switched around and it's the same on both monitors with both cables.
  7. I forgot to asked this, but how much your PSU? Model? Brand?
    78'C is a little bit hot. Still on warranty?
  8. As far as I know, 78 degrees for a gtx 295 under load, isn't too much.
    I have corsair 750w PSU.
  9. Your PSU is very good. Yes, your card can handle more than that...
    The card is free of dust, right?
    If u done doing everything that seems possible then i think the card is defective...
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