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In the bios of a ASUS P5QPL-AM, I can only see the NorthBridge voltage, Southbridge voltage, and Ram Voltage. The thing is that, I can't find the vcore voltage, however I can use a software to adjust my vcore(CrystalCPUID).

Is there anyway for me to adjust the vcore through bios? Is there a secret button to press?

Running it at stock voltage ( 1.344V on 2.4ghz gives me a 50C idle, 72C Load)

Running at the voltage I choose from CrystalCPUID ( 1.163 on 2.4GHZ gives me a 38C idle, 61C underload)

Is there anyway for me to tweak the vcore in the bios? Is there a secret button for ASUS board?

My motherboard: http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=08c0CULpvP1ZM9kT
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  1. I know on the ASUS board I used to have that there was an option in there somewhere to change it from automatic adjustment to manual. This would then give you an option of adjusting Vcore values yourself. Have a good nose around for this and a look through your Mobo manual too. I've never been a fan of OC'ing with software. Can't beat the good ol' BIOS ;)
  2. You can't. I have been looking for that information in your manual and that option doesn't exit. It's strange.

    In ASUS mobos, in the bios, you can usually find it if you go to "advanced menu", then "JUMPERFREE CONFIGURATION", then choose manual in "AI overclocking" . There is an option that is "cpu vcore voltage". But you don't have it.
  3. Ahh well looks like the software route is the only way to go for you then. Or a new board *rolls eyes*
  4. Actually, when I enabled AI Overclocking, it only shows me the speed.

    Also, I this board is new, I got it off microcenter 2days ago.

    Compare to my old motherboard XFX 630i, I can't even up the vcore or lower the vcore using software.

    The thing is that, w/o using crystal cpuid the vcore remains high at a 1.344v, which is enough to power a 3.5-4.0GHZ Q6600. While most Q6600 runs at a 1.225v.

    I'm using the software to run it at 1.163v.
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