Ram stability

Hello all I am new to building and I just built my 1st desktop. My question is getting my ram up to par.... cpuid shows me this in the memory tab I assume this means it's running above the specs.

4096 size
dual channel

nb frequency 1926mhz
dram frequency- 807.7mhz
fsb:dram 3.10
timing 9-9-9-24


CPU- AMD 1055t

Mobo- Asus m4a89gtd pro

Memory- G skill ripjaws ddr3- 1600 pc3-12800

I have prime 95 running for 5 hours with no errors, would that indicate all is well???

Thanks in advance
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    double post :P
    I answered you on
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  3. Thankyou for B.a. I'll check the othe one to see how your getting on
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