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Complicated Case Opened Error Message

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August 11, 2012 1:54:03 AM

Hi All,

First post in the forum.

I'm not sure what parts are relevant to the issue.

Windows XP pack 2 (I think)
2.4 processor
1gb ram
250GB HD

ok... I have this 'put together' pc that is old and problematic but was only used occasionally to watch/burn movies (attached to home TV).

Ages ago I needed a new keyboard so I just bought a cheap usb one and used that. Everytime the machine was started i'd have to press F1 to bypass some message to start loading. It wasn't a big issue and since I'm just an average user I lived with it.

Fast forward to a few months ago... I use an external HD and an android smartphone on this tower to transfer and store. One day i tried to use my phone and as soon as the usb was connected the screen went completely black. Nothing would work and i could only shut down the machine by using the plug or dc the cable from the rear of the tower. The same happened when I tried with the HD, however the keyboard and mouse didn't result in the black screen of death. Ok.. so now I don't attach heavy sapping devices to the machine.

A few days ago... Stupidly I thought... I'm going to cure this F1 problem and entered the Bios. I clicked what i thought was a optimum setting load (next to options relating to fans) and saved changes. I went to continue the machine start up and this message appeared on the start up screen.

The case has been previously opened F1 to skip or press DEL to enter set up.

I pressed F1 nothing, DEL nothing. Every key on the computer... Nothing!!!! It's stuck there. Rebooted over and over still nothing works. No key registers.

I'm not technically hardware adapt (as you can see from the story) so logically i tried to assess the issue and how to get access to the machine. I considered if it was an issue with the keyboard but it's worked on a macbook. Is it the USB ports that aren't allowing the key depression to register and bypass the message. Or is it just the machine has passed away.

If the latter is correct and it's done or I have to reinstall windows or something and will loose all my files, can I removed the HD and get access to it via a laptop of something? I heard a mention of a caddie or something but I don't fully understand how to use one or what it does.

I think thats about it. I've tried search for how the machine recognises the case has been opened. I even opened it to look for a sensor and as you probably aware, i didn't find one. :bounce: 

Look forward to reading any suggestions you have.

Thank you

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August 12, 2012 9:59:26 PM

You need to connect a PS-2 keyboard, go into the BIOS, and you will find a setting that says to enable a USB keyboard for DOS. That should enable your USB keyboard to be used in the BIOS also.
August 23, 2012 2:50:06 PM


Thanks for replying and to honest I didn't have much faith in the suggestion.

Anyhow after buying a keyboard from argos and getting it home only to find it was a USB due to a printing error.

Anyhow a mate had a spare and plugged in it. One hit of F1 and past the message... AMAZING

So i guess i've got issues with all usbs on the machine.

Thank you for this as I wouldn't have ever tried this.