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Hi people, I have recently upgraded my system to Ivy Bridge i5 3570K, i`m looking to overclock to around 4.3GHz, I really don`t know how to go about doing this. Is anyone able to help me get startedand give a little guidence?? I know the risks involved and am aware of the Ivy Bridge heat issues, I just need some help getting started with overclocking. I have a MSI Z77A G43 motherboard and a Corsair A50 CPU cooler so I believe i`m all set up for a mild overclock. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do first and where to start? My idle temps are around 30 degrees or slightly under at idle and at full load the highest temp it has reached is 55 degrees on the second core, the other 3 cores was just below 55 degrees. Is anyone willing to help a noob?
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  1. Go into your Bios and change the multiplier to 43 then change core voltage to something like 1.25 and boot up and stress test with Prime95. I'm not really sure which core voltage you should start with because I have no experience with Ivy Bridge. Make sure you monitor temps with something like Core Temp. Ivy Bridge max temp is something like 102C. Keep temps below 80C and you'll be fine. Also, Ivy Bridge doesn't have a temp issue. It runs hotter but the max temp is also higher. :) Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the help dragonsamus, I will give this a bash later on today and see how i get on :) fingers crossed i dont make something go pop lol
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