Anyone have a Patriot Pyro? Reliability concerns

I'm about to purchase my first SSD and I can get a Patriot pyro for about $10 cheaper than an OCZ agility 3 (120 GB varieties). So it seems like a good deal to me, seeing as both drives use the same sandforce controller and async memory interface.

However, this review suggests the pyro causes some blue-screen errors occasionally:

Does anyone else have this issue? Would recent firmware releases have fixed the problem?

Any help much appreciated.
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    The issue is with the Sandforce controller so theoretically it should affect both drives similarly. OCZ a few months back announced new firmware to take care of the issue but I do not know if it is a fact, I would assume the same goes for all manufacturers using the SF controller.
  2. Yes I've noticed Patriot has released firmware on their website which "addresses" the issue (hopefully that means "fixed"). So I guess you're saying no reliability would be gained from going with OCZ.

    One more thing: my system has a P55 based motherboard. Should I update the mobo's BIOS beforehand as well to reduce the chances of getting BSODs? Many thanks.
  3. I personally never update BIOS unless I have to because of issues and recommend the same to others.
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  5. Okay I'll just leave it as is and hope for the best! Probably gonna go for the patriot at this stage, even though it's only $5 which separates the two.
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