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My non-overclocked Intel Q6600 is overheating. I've tried to remove the dust that was in my (stock) cooler. The cores max temperatures from regular use range between 56 C and 71 C. When I play games it sometimes becomes so hot that the computer shuts down completely. I had the problem a while back as well and cleaning out dust from the cooler fixed the problem. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem temporarily before I buy a new cooler?
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  1. I just checked. It won't move at all if I try to wiggle it so it should be tight enough.
  2. If the cooler is well seat, then maybe you have a big problem with the refrigeration of the case. If it doesn't feed cold air and takes out hot air, the cooler can't do its job properly.
  3. That might actually be the problem. My CM Centurion 534 only has one outtake fan back and the intake fan in the door doesn't work. I don't actually have the door on right now to see what happens. The core temperatures are ranging from 41-52 C now at about 5 % load on core 0 and 2 (which is the hottest of the cores), 1% on core 1 and 3% on core 3. The temperature is consistent with the load.

    I'm planning on buying a new chassis, cpu-cooler and chassis fans soon though. Do you think that will help?
  4. Yes, dramatically. For example, if you can afford an COOLER MASTER 690 II ADVANCE (80€ more or less) you will see...


    For your 775 cpu here you have some very good choices:

  5. No need to replace the chassis - just replace the broken fan, then actually install one behind the front cover if there isn't one already installed there. Cooler Master actually has 2-packs of their LED and 4-packs of their standard 120mm case fans available at almost a steal of a price.
    Standard R4 120mm 4-pack $19 w/ shipping
    Twin-Pack of 120mm R4 Blue LED $16 w/ shipping

    I might also suggest completely removing and cleaning of the CPU HS/Fan, then reinstalling it. You'll need to pickup some thermal paste, though. Many people will swear by Arctic Silver 5, but I actually prefer to use either their Ceramique, or Cooler Master's ThermalFusion.
  6. Yes, I forgot the paste. The Arctic Silver 5 and the Arctic Cooling ARCTIC MX-3 are very good options.
    I'm using the SIlver 5 one and I'm very happy.
  7. I managed to fix the door fan but I still have heat issues. My PSU is non-modular and I have no cable management holes in the chassis so I doubt I will get a decent airflow in it. Therefor I will be buying a new chassis as well. The CM 690 II Advance seems like a good choice. It has all the features I've been looking for and it's cheaper than any of the other chassis I've been looking at. Thinking of buying two Noctua NF-S12B (one bottom intake and one top exhaust) and one Noctua NF-R8 intake at the side behind the motherboard tray. The Xigmatik Dark Knight-s1283 seems like a decent CPU-cooler for a good price.

    I'm also concidering upgrading my system all together. Here are the components I'm looking at right now:

    ASUS P7P55D
    Intel i5-750
    WD Caviar Black 1TB
    OCZ Gold 4GB
    Win 7 Home Pro 64 bit OEM
    XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB

    Arctic Cooling MX-3 Thermal Compounds

    I don't know if I should make a new thread for advice on the components though.
  8. Also, I have a Fortron/Source Epsilon 700w. Do I need to upgrade my PSU as well?
  9. wulm91 said:
    Also, I have a Fortron/Source Epsilon 700w. Do I need to upgrade my PSU as well?

    It has a poor internal cooling solution but, on the other hand, it has a very high efficiency. it's a good psu. You won't have any problem with the new configuration.
  10. Great, thanks!
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