OCZ Gold Edition, OCZ2G10664GK & Asus M4A78 Motherboard.


I've just installed the ocz RAM into my motherboard but i'm not sure how to get it to run @ 1066Mhz

Anybody help me out with this ?
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  1. In BIOS, under Ai Tweaker, set DRAM Frequency Control to [Manual].

    Then set DRAM Frequency to [1066 MHz].

    You should also check DRAM Timings 5-6-6-18
  2. I don't have a setting for 1066Mhz

    Which is a bummer
  3. It may be listed as @533
  4. I am sorry I looked into the manual M4A78-E and saw there was a setting there. But unfortunately your motherboard is M4A78 and does not have such a setting. You have 400 MHz setting only. Therefore, you will have 800 MHz at most. But depending on the CPU used, you may have 1066 MHz. AM2+ and AM3 CPU support 1066 MHz. What is your CPU ? If you use one of those CPUs, you will have 1066 MHz option. BIOS update may be required.
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