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I have recently added a new HDD to my system, taking it from 2 drives to 3 drives. I have kept my boot drive the same, though. The system was stable and booted fine for about a week, with both the BIOS and Win7 recognizing the drive and me being able to write on it with no problem.

Then, one day when I booted the computer, the BIOS went fine but the computer would not boot to WIN7, just a blinking cursor. This happened on two more boot attempts. I figured out that if I disconnected the new drive, the system would boot just fine. Remember, the new drive isn't the system drive. I then shut down, reconnected the new drive, and it booted fine.

Since then, this problem has repeated several times, with the same fix working. Is there some sort of potential conflict with the new drive, and if so what is the best way to diagnose it? Thanks for the help!
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  1. There should be no conflict but there is a chance that you got a bad disk. Most manufacturers have utilities at their website to run diagnostics to check the drive. They will accept any displayed error for RMA.
  2. You can always run windows disk check. Have you looked on the BIOS (when it does not boot) to see if the HDD is listed? if it isnt its likey to be a bad disk, like rolli said. If it does, then make sure its no on the boot sequence, it may have crept onto there. If you leave the dodgy boot is there an error? or does it boot after a while?
  3. Thanks for the response. I have run numerous diagnostics on the new disk, and found no errors at all. Yes, the BIOS always shows the drive being found, even when the boots hangs (because it happens after the BIOS loads). I have left it running for a few hours, with no movement at all. Could there be some sort of issue with the motherboard on this?
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