I still don't get fitting and tubing sizes! (Need advice)

Hi, I've been doing tons of research on watercooling and I have almost everything I need now. However I just can't seem to understand tube and compression sizes. To my current knowledge I only know that I want G1/4 fittings and that describes the screw part of the barb/compression.

So I want to ask you guys what size compressions should i get? And when I know that, what size tubing to go with said compression? I just cant figure it out.

My build in progress:

Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250 - 60mm
XSPC RX360 Triple 120mm Radiator
Swiftech MCP355 / Laing DDC 3.x Inline 12v DC Pump
XSPC RayStorm CPU WaterBlock for Intel Sockets
2x GTX 580 Hydrocopper 2 Waterblocks

Also, I'm debating whether I need the extra single rad in there. The RX360 is really thick. I don't know, maybe I'll add a single 120 rad also. Thoughts?

Another question as well. Does a bigger reservoir affect flow at all? Is a smaller one better?
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  1. A bigger reservoir just makes filling the loop easier for the most part, bling too obviously. I don't think a 360 rad will be enough. 580s generate a lot of heat, 480 watts alone without oc. As a bare minimum you would probably want a 240 rad and push pull fans. What processor? Do you plan to OC?

    Fittings and sizes are entirely up to you, generally they'll tell you r measurements by ID (inner diameter) and OD (outer diameter). What size you choose is up to you, but the fittings ID and OD and the tubing need to match. Hope this helps.
  2. By bigger rad I meant thicker and more dense. I think theyre twice the thickness of a normal rad. I decided to use a single 120rad as well instead of the 240(It doesn't fit in my case without modification.) Ive seen tri sli on 3x and 2x 120 so i think the 120 should be ok. I ordered 1/2,3/4 compressions and 1/2,3/4 tubing as well. I don't plan to oc the cards because I feel it's a minimum performance increase. I will be overclocking the processor a bit. It's a 980x.
  3. I own the RX240 so I know its a thick rad; :-)
    I added two EX360's to cover my gfx cards although one would've done the job,, feel free to mod your case btw, it helps make it unique hehe,
    Right, comp fittings, G/14 thread part you've already sorted, the other end then, with barbs you match the inside diameter of the tube to the fitting so 7/16 tube goes on a 7/16 comp, also fits onto a half inch fitting as 7/16 is almost 8/16, bit tight but workable, the thing to watch with comps is the outside diameter, that fits inside the collar part of the fitting, so if a comp says G14,1/2id-3/4od you know the inside of the tube should be half inch or 7/16, and the outside of the tube should be 3/4 of an inch, the sticky covers this I think in better detail, but I am on my phone at work so can't link sorry
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