Amd 6850 overclocking help

I want to overclock my amd 6850 im my mini pc and have found very little guides on the internet, if someone could post what clock speed and whatever to aim for i would be very thankful
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  1. i hit 1GHz with my 6870, but you would have to raise your VCore quite a bit more for that, i would say a 830-850MHz clock should be achievable, but no guarantee's
  2. I'm no expert. And I don't know which specific 6850 you have, or how much it would affect things. My MSI 6850 cyclone edition comes with a 'stock' (factory over-clock), of 860mhz core speed with a vcore of 1.149v, and a 1100mhz memory speed. So that should give you an idea of where you should be able to get to.

    At stock voltages for my card (1.149v), I can push it up to 900/1175. But I wouldn't recommend you try for that straight off.

    Use a program such as MSI Afterburner, in conjunction with a temperature monitor like Hwinfo (although afterburner can monitor temps; it also comes with a stress testing program called Kombuster). Furmark is another great stress tester for GPU's.

    Using Afterburner, try upping the core speed by 10 or 20mhz at a time, and then stress testing it for 10 minutes or so. If it doesn't crash, stop responding or there are no visual artefacts, then try upping the core speed some more. Keep the voltage at stock (yours, not mine), and if you reach a core speed where you can't pass 10 minutes or stress testing, you can try upping the core voltage by a small amount; 0.005v, until it can pass 10 minutes of stress testing. Be sure to watch the temperatures don't go too high when stress testing, anything over 85-90C might be considered too hot.

    If you have a small pc, then you might want to use a conservative overclock, and try to keep voltages at their stock value, so as to minimise extra heat production.

    So as an example, you might stress test at 775mhz>795mhz>815mhz>825mhz>835mhz etc etc. 775mhz should be your stock speed (unless you have an pre-overclocked 6850).

    Hope that helps.
  3. ^kombustor and furmark dont stress the memory much, so you may find crashing in games if you use those stress tests

    what i suggest is playing your most gpu intensive game for an hour, if it dosen't crash you should be okay
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