HELP!! Mushkin Enhanced Redline vs. G.Skill Trident

So i picked up the Mushkin last night cause the rebate was going to end and i kind of bought it on a whim. Thanks to Tecmo who helped me decide!

I thought I'd ask if there is a noticeable difference between these two for gaming and which one would be better, to provide better FPS, i know its not much but i've seen on benchmarks a difference of 6-10 FPS at times depending on the RAM. Does anyone have any good reviews or benchmarks on these two RAMS?

The newer Mushkin is at 6-8-6-24 while the Trident is at 9-9-9-24, but i've read more reviews on the trident (maybe their marketing is better).

Trying to decide today if i should just keep the Mushkin or return it and pick up the Trident. I will be running this on...

eVGA X58 SLI Mobo
i7 930

I picked the Mushkin up with a 30 dollar Mail in rebate, so the price was around 159 instead of 189 today.


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  1. I don't know where you have seen those benchmarks but they are not right.
    Timings and speed don't make difference in games/apps,they are important for OC'ng.
    Between those,if you are going to OC,then go with the first one which has lower timings,otherwise go with the cheaper option
  2. i guess the benchmarks were based on the speed of the RAM, and they increasing something (i'm still new to the whole timings and speed thing for RAM)

    this here confused me, it seemed like they tweaked with the RAM and it increased FPS based on the timings and everything. The higher the speed the higher the timings right which resulted in an FPS increase?
  3. That's odd,because timings/speeds won't make a difference in games,that maybe caused normally though, because sometimes when you run a benchmark multiple times, you may get slightly higher scores.
  4. Yeah i guess i can see where running a benchmark multiple times would increase a score. But this ram with the FPS has a linear increase as the CL got larger, which increases speed. Which leads me to believe that something with the Speed or Timings, i think speed, would increase the FPS.

    I guess while i'm asking about it, people say that the "tighter" the timings (I assume which is the smaller the number) the better right? But the tighter the timings get, the lower the MHZ is? Because as you increase the timings, you're able to achieve a higher speed? Or am i completely off base?
  5. Yes lower timings are better for OC'ng.and when you lower the timings,you have to set the MHz to the lowest option in order to get 1:1 on FSB: DRAM,however you can then later play with the settings and raise the MHz if you want.
    I checked for some reviews,and it seems there is a "FEW" performance gain by having higher speeds,however its not at all noticeable,its between 0-12 FPS(Only in few games the difference is more than 4FPS),2482-8.html
  6. You made the right call with the rebate going with the Mushkin!! :D
  7. First off, I agree with tecmo.

    For another assessment, check this guru3d article out for a comparison of RAM speeds and FPS. Actually this is a good artcle for discussion of timings, as well as relative comparision of memory accross several measures.

    If you don't want to read the whole article, here it is in a nutshell: Faster RAM translates into higher FPS, but only slightly higher, not worth a huge price differential.
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