Can a ultra x4 1050 watt power 2 5970s?

My new system will be:
CPU: i7 975
RAM: corsair dominator 6gb
HD: 1tb caviar black
MOTHERBOARD: asus p6x58d
CPU FAN: noctua nh-d14
CASE: antec 1200
VIDEO CARD: ati 5970
DVD: lite-on
POWER SUPPLY: ultra x4 1050w

My question was if I was to upgrade to the 6 core cpu when available and eventually added on another 5970 would this power supply be able to handle the load? I don't overclock as I feel that it doesn't give me clean renders in 3d max (I'm an architect so I need minimal artifacts in the renders). I have found the firepro v8700 to not be as beneficial unless I was to use maya which I don't, and it cost about 200 more than the 5970. Eventually I will also add an intel ssd when they are available again. The "on-paper" wattage numbers say this should be enough power but I would like more opinions if possible before I open the package. Thanks!
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  1. Yes. 1050W would still be overkill.
  2. Quote:

    850 Watt with two 75W 6-pin and two 150W 8-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode
  3. thanks for the help!
  4. if you still are reading this if your getting the antec 1200 case then get the cp-1000 psu that was designed for it. It is rated and test to be just as good as the Corsair HX850, and for its price well that is a deal maker alone.
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