Desktop Flicker durring background change

I have an ATI HD 5870 from sapphire.

Using ccc 9.12

Windows 7 H.P.

during the flipping of desktop backgrounds, i get an area toward the top right of my display that is scrambled or flickers.

I had a 5850 and this didnt happen, and it was not happening when i first got this 5870 anyway.

The only thing i have done was change the dvi port the monitor was on.

I have made sure it was tight and screwed in, but it still happens.

I do know that it doesnt affect any games or browsers (any other program)

Anyone seen this activity?
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  1. Well, I guess I typed too soon, as I have started to see the flicker on chrome in the 1 min intervals my desktop swap is set to.

    I am going to play some more games and see if it happens there too.
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