MSI X58M i7 980x Multiplier Doesn't Hold

Hello, anyone know why my i7 980X processor is backing down on the multiplier to the default of 25 when it is stressed? I just bought the CPU and have been messing with the unlocked multiplier but I can't seem to maintain above 25. I have the latest BIOS of 3.5 and it sees the CPU as an extreme edition with unlimited multiplier. When it boots into Windows, CPU-Z shows it at say, 27 with a bus speed of 133. This is barely an overclock and the temps are fine, but it backs down to 25 when using Prime95.

All power saving features and turbo are off on the CPU. While I can adjust the speed to be 170x25 and stress it fine, the multiplier will not maintain when at 133x27. The MSI X58M doesn't seem to allow me to use the unlocked capabilities of the 980X.
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  1. i dont think the board can support the cpu yet
  2. obsidian86 said:
    i dont think the board can support the cpu yet

    Supposedly all MSI X58 do now. It runs fine with the stock multiplier just not with anything above. At idle it stays. It seems to be throttling, but like I said it can run 170x25=4.25 under load with 76c.
  3. Here's something I didn't know...

    Just because you have an "EXTREME" edition I7 doesn't mean you get to use the unlocked multiplier with all boards. It just runs at the default or turbo multiplier.


    Thanks for contacting MSI Technical Support Team. We have checked your issue with our H/W Engineer, I'm sorry to say that this MB's HardWare does not support locked multi (for you CPU), BIOS has no help. So sorry for any inconvenience.

    Best regards
    MSI Technical Support Team


    Do mean "unlocked" multipliers? You are saying that your MSI X58 motherboards does not allow EXTREME i7, 965, 975 or 980X to used multipliers that are higher than their default "or" turbo settings?

    Please be clear. Thanks.

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  4. I have the exact same problem with an Asus P6T7 supercomputer.....I have been messing with it for 2 days and have turbo off...i was wondering if i had a Bad chip?????
  5. Yeah, I've been hearing that the "cheaper" boards doesn't allow you to lock the multiplier even though I can select higher ones. But your board certainly isn't cheap. Plus the EXTREMES have been around, so what's up with the 980X (or the BIOSes)?
  6. If it's turbo boost, then turbo-boost multipliers change with different amounts of threads being used.

    ie., for the i7 920:
    1 thread = max turbo boost multiplier 22x
    2 threads = turbo boost multiplier 21x
  7. what can be done?? and will it hurt the chip????

    I want the rampage3 when it comes out but not this problem...I really have to stress it like linX ot prime with small ffts to make it drop a multi..I am not sure if a 3D Futuremark app could make it drop....
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