ATI HD4890 or HD5850 ?

Hello, I'm going to buy a computer with:
Cpu: Intel i5 750
Ram: 4gb DDR3
Motherboard: Gigabyte INTEL P55
PSU: 750W, Super-silent (17dB)
I want it for gaming.. and I dont know if I should buy a HD4890 or HD5850..
I'm playing CoD MW2, Diablo3 and so on.. Ofc. I wanna try Crysis, but its not what I will usualy play .. (I mostly play MMO/Multiplayer games).
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  1. Hey Whoopedazz,

    These are very different price ranges... Of these two cards, the 4890 is a better value at $170ish, while the 5850 is still pretty pricey at $300.

    However, for a brand new build that you intend to keep for a while I think you would be better off with a newer 5xxx card. Especially if you have a crossfire capable motherboard--this will give you the option of doubling up on the card later when they are cheaper if you decide you need more power.

    So I have to say that my vote would be for either the 5850, or trying out a 5770 (a little less powerful than the 4890) with the option to double it later. Most MMO games have very poor graphics--so any card above $100 or so is more than good enough for them.

    What is your monitor resolution? --This is really what will determine how powerful your card needs to be.
  2. Uhmm.. Thanks for the answer! :)
    My resolution is 1920x1080p.
    Also, the HD4890 use more watt than HD5850.. like 40W? (and it has a higher temperature), so it come out as the same price in the end, after a few years of gaming? Or am I totaly wrong here?
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    Yea, I think the 5850 would be a good choice because of those reasons. I'm not certain you would make your money back in the long run--that probably depends more on how high of efficiency your PSU is, but its a good choice nonetheless.

    Tom's rates it as the best choice at $300
    (its just a little bit more powerful than a pair of GTS 250/4850/5750s),2491.html

    Also, the Tom's review of the 5850:,2433.html
  4. Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it alot :)
    Would it make any sense to buy a Samsung P2450 SyncMaster for this computer? :)
    Or.. rather.. Would it make sense to buy a 60ghz monitor now, when 120ghz is coming up?
    I wouldnt be able to use 3D Vision anyway with my ATI GFX?
  5. Quote:
    depends on the size of your wallet. I got a HD 4890 and its awesome ;) If you can afford the HD 5850 go for that one no doubt. I would do it If I didnt need 5850+ PSU upgrade. HD 4890 runs fine on my current

    You really need to do your research first, because you are once again incorrect in that assumption. The 5850 uses less power than the 4890 as shown in the article that I just linked above.

    Would it make any sense to buy a Samsung P2450 SyncMaster for this computer?

    Srry.. I dont know that much about monitors or 3d vision.
  6. deadlockedworld said:

    WOW! Thats cheap! - 252$ ..
    In Denmark - where I live - it cost like 390$ ..
    But.. It cost alot when it is shipped to Denmark because of the border tax..
    But wow.. HD4890 cost 250$ in DK .. :O
  7. Oh. I'm sorry I didnt know you were in DK.

    Good luck bargain hunting!
  8. Well.. np :P
    I will try to figure out how much it would cost extra..
    Do you think I can order it from Germany, or .. even better.. UK?
    There's no tax from UK :)
  9. Oh.. I just fixed up the deal, so he will put a XFX HD5850 Black Edition in it.. Woohoo :D
    I asked him about the PSU, the brand is "Intertech" the 'makers' of Energon.. Not the best PSU in the world, but it keeps the price down.. and it should be silent :)
    I'll order today ^_^

    It only cost 40$ to go from Gigabyte P55 to > Gigabyte P55A-UD3, USB3 SATA6
    ... Hmm.. (:
  10. Sweet! I dont know anything about that brand, so I guess you will have to read the specs on it... Paying more for a high quality PSU is always worth it though--helps keep the rest of the system safe.
  11. Hehe, ye well..
    I just figured the shipping fee is around 60$ (with a 24" Syncmaster monitor) .. Ouch.
    So I have to save money somewhere.. and thats on the PSU, I guess ^^
    It seems fine on the specs (:
    I think I will buy the computer with the HAF 922 instead of Antec 900 :)
  12. thatd ell 5850 has a 3 to 5 week ship time :(
  13. a 4890 can overclock to perform very very close to a 5850 and beat the gtx 285. I personally dont think the $100 is worth it because that can mean the difference from an i5 to an i7, but then again if your just gaming it wouldnt really make a difference, and it's not like the 5850 cant overclock either.
  14. Thank you all for your comments, you've been a great help! :)
    - I've just ordered it :)
  15. Thanks! No problem at all-- you just gave me my badge :-)
  16. I'm glad to hear that, congrats..
    Keep up the good 'work'! :)
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