What do you think, is it high end?

Hello, my first post \o/

Well guys and girls im looking for a opinion on my system upgrade.

For 3 years now ive been running on:

Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3 MBO
CPU AMD athlon 4400+ 64bit
DDR2 Kingmax 800Mhz 1GB RAM x 4
HD 2600XT 512MB GC
PSU is 550W Corsair

Now im upgrading to:
CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition, socket AM3 3,4GHz 125W
Corsair Dominator 1600Mhz 2GB RAM x 2
ATI 5770 Vapor-x !GB DDR5 GC

What is your opinion on the upgrade? And what is your opinion on 5770 Vapor-x VS 4890
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  1. Heck, no. HD 5770 is mid range. If I'm riding my high horse, it's low end cuz there's HD 5970 which is high end.

    If you're upgrading a gaming rig, not the brightest idea. I'd get an X3 or low end X4 + HD 5850.
  2. Its not high end or enthusiast by any means. Even the processor is outdone by an i5.

    Its a Solid build for gaming on one monitor at the moment.

    Once DX11 games starting being released you are going to want to Crossfire or upgrade.
  3. @p55ibexpeak: I wouldn't call it low-end. Low-end implies that you'd put it in a budget build, and you certainly either wouldn't fit a 5770 in a budget build, or put it in builds above that range. IMO, low end would be basically anything that doesn't support DX 11.

    It's certainly not a high end machine, but not just because of the CPU. It's not high because of the 2 GB of RAM, the 5770 AND the CPU. Almost every build has 4 GB of RAM at least. Any gaming build under $1,000 (which I would call mid budget) would have either the HD 5850 or the i5-750 (with a USB 3/SATA III motherboard).

    At best, I would call it a mid budget (albeit on the lower end of mid) gaming build. To be on the higher end (for gaming), I would say that you'd need to at least spend at least $900 on those parts alone. That means an i5, a USB 3/SATA 3 board (like the Asus P7P55D-E Pro at $190), 4 GB 1600 mhz CL 7 RAM, and at least the HD 5870. To be high end for anything that's not gaming, you'd need at least an i7-920.
  4. What resolution does your monitor run at? What's your budget? What will you be using this computer for?

    Please edit your post to include all the information in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky and we can help build you the best system possible for your intended use and budget.
  5. Well my plan was a budget build, im not much of a gamer. The build was mostly concentrated on runing 3d design applications and some games. Im working on a 22" Samsung monitor 1600x...

    Most of ppl i know and that work in the design comunity said that main CPU and GC CPU have to be quick. Since i dont like paying 600$ for a processor im not going with intel, quads have failed vs Phenom on many tests, only i5 and inc i7 will be ofc better. The CPU on 5770 is a 850Mgz factory clocked processor. But as i have seen over some reviews, 4890 is stil packing more power... Is it coz of the 128 memory interface?
  6. Sry, 860Mhz CPU -_- And btw MadAdmiral, 5770 is mostly applied as a best buy budget gaming card... And its top 3 in most of the performance charts and reviews i could come by...
    Mainstream perfCharts
  7. We need a firm amount on what you're wanting to spend. The word "budget" build means different things to different people.
  8. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: 3 weeks from today

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Watching movies / 3d graphics / vector graphics

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, case, PSU

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: it in croatian -_- so no go or? Components in croatia are around 10-20% more expensive then in USA



    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1600x1200,

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: peace & quiet

    : o enough shortstuff_mt ;)

    And ofc budget around 800-900$, keep in mind its more expensive : S
  9. The 5770 will handle that resolution easily, but that doesn't make it a high end system.

    As for the CPU/GPU being quick, you really got neither. The Phenoms are great budget friendly options, but are not power house CPUs. Core 2 Quads are below the Phenoms in tests, but that's because they're like 3-4 years old. They're also on the older DDR2 builds. Here are some benchmarks for the i7-920, i5-750, one of the QX9xxxs, the X4 965 and the Q9550. The two older Intel quads are pretty close to the X4 in performance, but they are older and not recommended for that fact.

    The 4890 is more powerful because of it's 256-bit memory. The 5xxx series is, at it's base, an update of the previous generation of cards. Because of new technology, they all out perform the card they were based on. The 5770 was based on a lesser card (the exact one escapes me right now), and the new tech couldn't catch up to the better starting point.

    EDIT: And it shouldn't be the third from the top of performances. I can name at least 5 that should be ahead of it (5970, 5870, 5850, 4890, 4870). And that's only on the ATI side of the competition...
  10. For about $900, it's definitely not high-end or enthusiast. Maybe a mid-range or budget gaming.

    Throwing some stuff out ther for now...will tweak in a bit.

    CPU: i5-750 $200
    Mobo: Asus P7P55D-E Pro $190
    GPU: HD 5770 $155
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $110
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB $55
    Case: Antec 300 Illusion $60
    PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 700w $60
    Optical: Cheapest SATA DVD burner $30

    Total: $860.

    Tried the AMD side, and still couldn't fit the HD 5850 in it. So that's the best bang for your buck.
  11. Well 59xx,58xx are all high end, ofc there is also 4890 vapor and 4870 but im in mainstream city for now, well, here is a list of games i play so u know what i mean by i dont need awesomeness, X3 TC, football manager -_- ,PES and galciv, i dont like most of the games coz graphics took the good gameplay away... Im sure by the looks of it Admiral that 5770 can handle those games with a perfect score. But im stil doubtfull about getting 4890 or 5770 vapor ( the 4890 vapor-x by what ive seen is not that good, those 2GB just dont seem more powerfull than 1GB 4890 original. So what do you suggest 5770 vapor x or 4890, it all has to fit inside a 550W PSU
  12. Well Admiral as i said, i5 750 is 250$ in croatias cheapest shop, 5770 is 200$, so its going well over the budget with your config :(
  13. Ok...some changes. I would go with the 5770 because it's more future proof with the DirectX 11 support, and it's great ability to Crossfire. Any recent card should fit with a 550W PSU.

    CPU: Phenom II X4 955 BE
    Mobo: Asus M4A79XTD EVO
    Everything else is the same.

    Total: $745. You could also look at cheaper cases. The Antec 200 and 300 are also excellent.
  14. Here is the price list of my items:

    CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 220$
    MBO ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO 150$
    Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X 250$
    DDR3 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair, 1600MHz, Dominator 190$
    Sum of 810$
  15. I have a great HT Chieftec metal case, have 1 I/O vents and one side vent facing my CPU, dont remember the model name but its been quite hot 3 years ago.

    Only need those 4 compenents and im done. The shop i intend to buy the parts has mediocre prices but ads one extra year of garantee for all components so im not going after the cheapest solution here. The i5 750 in the shop im buying cost 270$ : s
  16. Asus M4A79XTD EVO is 180$ and i was meaning to buy it. the MBO from 2 previous 2 posts is from a obsolete shoping list that i made before so i just c/p-ed it without thinking that its not supporting 1600DDR3, sry about that : S
  17. Well thx admiral, spent hours reserching and just wanted to c if professional PC know-it-alls would agree with me. Hf ppl and may you all get 5970's for birthdays!!!

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