I have a ASUS P5N-D motherboard with a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 installed. My USB ports work for my mouse, keyboard, and joystick, but I only get intermitent connectivity with my iPhone, digital camera, printer, and external hardrive. Any ideas on why the USB ports aren't working for these devices?
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  1. Well I can tell u I have had the EXACT same problem with my ASUS p5n-d!
    I spent hours online with ASUS,PNY(for my nvidia) oh that reminds me,on mine if i disable
    the video driver (using the basic VGA one in windows) I will get full functionality of my USB ports.
    Of course you wouldnt want to keep it that way as the graphics are crappy and most games etc
    wont work.Id just be interested if yours did the same as the best I could get from ASUS is send them
    my MOBO as it is still under warranty.Pain in the behind and other than a USB Wireless-N card
    which im not using now,Mice and my printer seems to work ok.

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