SMART values retain even after HDD change?


This is my first question here :)

Recently my HDD crashed on 31st night ( painful ). It was creating death clicks and lot of I/O errors, just 1 month old HDD !

Anyways, Dell replaced it, now when I read S.M.A.R.T. values via HD Tune Pro, it says

HD Tune Pro: TOSHIBA MK5061GSYN Health

ID Current Worst ThresholdData Status
(01) Raw Read Error Rate 100 100 50 0 ok
(03) Spin Up Time 100 100 1 2405 ok
(05) Reallocated Sector Count 100 100 50 0 ok
(09) Power On Hours Count 100 100 0 3203 ok
(0C) Power Cycle Count 100 100 0 12 ok
(BF) G-sense Error Rate 100 100 0 0 ok
(C0) Unsafe Shutdown Count 100 100 0 2 ok
(C1) Load Cycle Count 100 100 0 217 ok
(C2) Temperature 100 100 0 1703982 ok
(C7) Ultra DMA CRC Error Count 100 100 0 3740201 warning
(C8) Write Error Rate 100 100 0 5886718 ok
(F0) Head Flying Hours 100 100 0 2791 ok
(F1) LifeTime Writes from Host 100 100 0 1244171805 ok
(F2) LifeTime Reads from Host 100 100 0 1536110324 ok
(FE) (unknown attribute) 100 100 0 1 ok

Health Status : warning

Check this : (C7) Ultra DMA CRC Error Count 100 100 0 3740201 warning

My question is, does the SMART values retain even after HDD change, i.e. these values are of my old HDD or should I be concerned about it ?

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  1. Just to add : Description of error says :

    Number of interface communications error : 3740924

    Status : There were communication errors. This may be caused by a damaged cable !
  2. The SMART values are stored on the hard drive itself. The fact that the new drive is getting CRC errors just like the last one, to me, possibly indicates a bad SATA controller on the motherboard.
  3. @Mavroxur Thanks for the reply. I ran full surface scans, and other Dell Tests, everything passed. Are you sure these values are not stored in BIOS ?
  4. try different program to scan for smart i like SpeedFan it has better and in-depth smart analysis. And ya smart info stored on drive, that how you can take drive any ware and still see Total hours on, Power cycles and stuff
  5. guptashubham123 said:
    @Mavroxur Thanks for the reply. I ran full surface scans, and other Dell Tests, everything passed. Are you sure these values are not stored in BIOS ?

    I'm as sure as rain is wet. They're stored in flash memory on the drive's controller board.
  6. I'm just loving this forum for prompt response :)

    The update is I called Dell Customer Care and they said they can only take into consideration if error is shown by there diagnostic programs ! They have a comprehensive diagnostic program, but it doesn't raise errors :(

    What to do now ? Also can it be that since by HDD is changed, my mother board is not aware of it and so there can be a mismatch and so CRC errors are coming ! Can a low level format of be any help ?
  7. "the less you know, the happier you would be" Relax you sound so nerves,
    as i told before HD tune can screw with you, you used dell program and it passed,
    well now go to Toshiba and download there hard drive specific test and run it

    sadly SMART, can be as dumb as pile of bricks, one time it shows my HD at 60% health other at 100% its good system to help but its not always works right.

    If you can get appropriated sata add on card, and connect your HD to it, also change sata cable then run diagnostics
  8. "the less you know, the happier you would be" - You just said the golden words, respect :)

    Well, I'm having lot of bad experience with Dell. If you have time read on, first my Dell Laptop got stolen, got new Dell XPS, in all models I have seen problem with Nvidia Optimus Technology. When you are on battery, and you play a graphic intensive app, say a movie and when you close it, the screen colors ( mostly taskbar ) would be decolored or flat colors. After lot of discussion, they changed by motherboard, and the person who came managed to break the case, forgot to put RAM first, opened second time brutally complete system, then forgot to attached speakers, and heat sink, came again 3rd time ! OMG !

    Still issue was same, I asked for replacement and they said they cannot replace laptop which is taken under Employee Purchase Program - EPP, after heated talk they said ok, we will replace, they took my laptop, gave me new one after 15 days. The graphic issue was still there. Fine !

    In 4 days adaptor started making spark, changed it. Then on 31st night, the HDD crashed with death clicks and many I/O errors, replaced this, and now this !

    Hope you can get why I'm worried :P
  9. ya computers can make you go crazy sometimes.
    This is laptop we talking about right?
    get another test go to
    download program, install, Then go to SMART tab, and perform indeph online analysis lets see what they have to say about that drive
  10. Yeah, SpeedFan, used that also, it says all perfect but I suspect the data. Check this :

    PS : Yes it is a Laptop :)
  11. Thats why you have to back up everything get external hard drive back up important information on it to ease your worries,
    This days no company is going to replace your hard drive under warranty, without you running there approved testing software.
  12. Thanks, will do it now and wait patiently to get hy HDD crashed :)

    Thanks man for all the help :D
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