Cpu Temp cause for concern

hi. this is my system config
Core i7 920 at 2.67 stock
msi x58 pro e
corsair 750 psu
haf 922 case

my main concern is that core temp returns values of 45 to 49 C temp for my cpu cores. If have a stinky feeling that this is a bit high. Just wanted some feedback before i went in changing the paste or cooler
thanks in advance for all the help
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  1. Nah, 45C is fine. Anything >72˚C is good. When you get higher, that may be cause for concern.

    Are you using a stock or aftermarket cooler?
  2. If those are idle temps, I'd be concerned about load temps. have you torture tested the system ?

    OCCT has torture tests for CPU / Memory / GPU and PSU.

  3. Sorry, I overlooked that. JackNaylor is right; try and run Prime95 or an OCCT torture test, and find your load temperatures.

    If those are your idle temps, make sure the heatsink is properly mounted and that you have a fine layer of thermal paste between the heatsink and CPU. Also make sure you have adequate airflow around and through the heatsink.

    ...like the penguin said. xD
  4. thankyou for the reply. I will do the torture test and find my temps. I had been fine till i cleaned my sytem. I had blown to try and get dust from the cooler. i dont think it has moved though. Anyway ill do the tests and post my temps...
    thanks again
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