Geforce 6150se nforce 430 shared memory

Hello, i have a problem how to set up my graphics card to use 256MB shared memory. In BIOS i set up to share 256MB, but still no changes when i play a games.
Please help, what to do. Thanks
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  1. How much ram are installed on your computer?
  2. Hey PJ,

    If you want to play any decent games you will want to purchase a discrete graphics card instead of using the integrated graphics memory on your motherboard. Integrated graphics are ok for running vista and watching some lower resolution videos--but to watch HD video or to play games you really want to purchase a graphics card. It may also help speed up the rest of your computer--as your ram will no longer have to share with the graphics.

    Depending on what kind of games you are talking about, you could significantly boost your visual experience by adding a low-end card for as little as $30-40.
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