Best chipset for core 2 duo

hello....can u plz help me choosing a best chipset for core 2 duo

1. I want the best chipset for core 2 duo.

2. And I will be more happy if it even supports core2quad, coz i may upgrade it

3. And also suggest me the best motherboard with that chipset
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  1. Hello
    What's your budget ? and do you need SLI/CF ?
  2. Maziar said:
    What's your budget ? and do you need SLI/CF ?

    my budget for the mother board is around 6000 rupees ( may be 130 dollars)

    Actually I want to the best chipset irrespective of budget.

    No I do not need sli/cf

    I do not even need heavy overclocking. I dont do overclocking. Incase if i do, i may go around 3.4 or 3.6 and wont go above

    And I Want it to support core2quad coz i may upgrade it/

  3. P45 is about the best LGA775 chipset. Look for a Gigabyte EP45 UDxx board.
  4. +1^
    Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR would be a good option(costs $99 in US)
  5. If you are looking the best chipset wise for LGA 775 then nvidia 9300\9400 are better than the intel g45 chipset.....but these nvidia chipset are old....and your budget restricts look for any motherboard with the nvidia 9300\9400 motherboard in your price range...
    otherwise go with the motherboard suggested by Maziar
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