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Durability of flash drive storage

How long does data stored on a flash drive last
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  1. It depends on quite a few factors:

    The age of the flash drive.

    The quality of the flash drive.

    How many times you write to it.

    Whether or not it has been man-handled (dunked in salt water? not good, stepped on? not good).

    If you regularly use a flash drive (say writing at least 2-3 GB a day) - i would say it would last anywhere from 1 to 3 years.

    You can make a flash drive last longer by:

    Limiting your writes.

    Taking care of your flash drive.

    Flash drives have a limited number of write cycles - I can't remember how many though.
  2. lawaczeck said:
    How long does data stored on a flash drive last

    Thank you!
    My question was meant to pertains to how long stored data remain readable if the flashdrive is not abused and no further data are added
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    It could possibly last a long time. I would say a minnimum of 5 years if it goes unused (with data writtin on it).

    However, you might want to be careful, if you have important data you want to store for a long time - it's best to make a few copies, say one on a DVD-R, and one on a USB. As it's possible a few years down the road the USB key can become unreadable.

    If you do make a copy with a DVD-r make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight as well as extreme heat and cold.
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  5. Thank you !
  6. No problem. Just remember with back ups, redundancy is key, you don't want 1 back up to fail just in case, and have a back up plan for your back up :) .
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