Memory Height Comparison

Assembling a high end PC that will be overclocked, so it will need both a big CPU heatsink and performance RAM.

I am trying to find heatsink/memory combination that won't interfere with each other. So many of the performance models of memory have really high heat spreaders. Virtually all of the heatsinks overlap with the slots for memory.

Here is list of heatsink base heights, but I cannot find the height of any memory. Looking at the pictures on New Egg seems a bit ridiculous.

Actually prefer the Noctua NH D14, which has a base height of 46 mm. Can anyone tell me if this Mushkin Enhanced Blackline is less than 46 mm high?

This one looks very safe: GeIL Ultra

Here are a couple of other options:


More Mushkin

Anybody have a ruler?

PS Taking a hacksaw to the memory's heat spreader is not acceptable.
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  1. Here's a very good guide mate!
    Blacklines will fit no problem. 40mm
  2. Thank you very much, Davcon
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