CPU overheating, Fan ignores it.

I cleaned my cpu heatsink with pressurised air (which I have done many times before) without removing it from the motherboard. getting rid og all the dust so my computer wouldn't sound like a harrier all the time. I restart the computer and everything goes as normal, except it begins overheating when I enter a game. it goes from 50C to 100C in roughly 10 seconds.

Naturally I assume that I have destroyed my coolerfan in some strange way, however it is on a steady 2100 rpm as it usually is. When idling my the cpu is on roughly 50C, which is pretty normal. However when I enter a game or start rendering a movie, all software, bios etc register my temperatures going up and are hitting the 100C, however the fan continues on steady 2100rpm.

Normally there would have been a noticable speed increase of the fan, I don't know the number, but I can hear the sound of it when enter a game or start rendering. Now nothing happens, a low steady hum, my computer overheats fast and shuts down.

I checked pretty much everything, all wires are intact, nothing changed anyway with the hardware. Everything seems like before. I Entered the bios and disabled SmartFan, which should increase the fans speed to maximum at all times, however low steady hum and 2100 rpms.

I am no computer guru, however I am not completely lost and this just doesn't seem right to me. It is roughly a year old and I hope some air shouldn't have wrecked it already.

Guess some of you need speccs:
- Gigabyte Motherboard ex58 ud8p
- Core i7 930

Any good tips are more than welcome.
Thanks for any answers.
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  1. Sometimes canned air blown directly on a fan can cause it to rotate faster than it's designed to spin and ruin it.
  2. What cooler are you using for the CPU?

    Also, try aiming a small room fan at the CPU/heatsink and see if it lowers the temperature at all. If this lowers the temperature it would most likely indicate either an airflow problem, or a problem with your cooler.

    Can you open HWMonitor (or similar program) and tell us your voltages?
  3. Sounds like you popped the HS off its mounting and it is no longer firmly attached to the CPU.
  4. There are a few steps you want to take here !.
    Open the side of your case so you can see your cpu fan.
    Make sure it is indeed spinning !
    If its not, then i guess there are three answers as to why not.

    A: You unplugged the fan from the mother board, and forgot to plug it back in.
    B: The air blast from the can has caused one of the wires inside the fan to break off.
    C: You blew a bit of dirt right into the fan and it caused a jam stopping it from spinning.
  5. Quote:
    Sounds like you popped the HS off its mounting and it is no longer firmly attached to the CPU.

    I agree. Remove and refit the heatsink.
  6. I use the boxed Intel original cooler.

    I never popped the heatsink off while cleaning, but tried now and even reaplied some heatpaste since there was bubbles and stuff on it. It is now perfectly fitted but there is no change.

    as far as I understand, when the temperature rises, the fan should rise in rpm... and that is the only thing that seems to be missing :(

    Gonna buy a new cooler tomorrow, but wouldnt mind figuring this problem out, so I dont ruin my computer again ^^
  7. Have you done a finger touch test of your heatsink.
    Your thermistor may be playing up, inside the cpu die.
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